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  Feng Shui  

The art of Feng Shui is about six thousand years old, and it originates from ancient China. The figure impresses! Hence, the principles of art are very important for the human consciousness. This science states that there are flows of "thin" energies that can affect the health and happiness of man. Controlling these energies you may get more luck, increase wealth, improve family relations and so on.

Our expert on Feng Shui will meet you, make your energy portrait, that is, your personal combination of six major energies. On this basis a Feng Shui-redevelopment project will be made for the lifestyle in general and your home in particular.

We offer you the following services:

1. advice on Feng Shui: our expert will diagnose your room and make a psycho-energetic constitution of your family members (employees).

2. at the stage of the design project, we invite you to develop a Feng Shui design of your room, consisting of:

  • geomatic room card;
  • the description of the zones;
  • proposals on energy orientation of rooms;
  • advice on Feng Shui, etc.

3. Feng-Shui-support in the process of realization of the project.