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A pompous style. The texture of the materials dominates, even at the expense of convenience. The furniture is made of brown-red wood with a smooth surface, decorated with gilded bronze. There are many symmetric and carved details. Legs, resembling the ancient style, have the shape of animal paws (sometimes figures of sphinxes, etc.).

Quality of timber plays an important role here. The Empire style transformed furniture, enriched it with carved motifs, adding pomp decorative items.

There are antique columns with gilded bronze base and a capital with figure of winged victory ("Nick"), a sideboard, narrow windows, round serving tables for porcelain, Roman chairs. The front legs are often starting right from the armrests, which are supported by carved figures of lions, griffons, swans and other animals or massive curls.

Chairs and other furniture are very firm. Furniture of this style is opulence, but sometimes is very inconvenient. Chairs are little bit simplier then arm-chairs, and their backs are often in a form of the lyre, which is one of the most common motifs of furniture decoration in the Empire style.