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One of the first highly developed cultures of the world is Egyptian. Egyptian style subsequently became an etalon for almost all European styles. The interior is luxurious and colorful. Tall columns hold ceiling, murals decorate the walls, carpets and curtains make the interiors. Artistic images are stylized and symbolic. The walls of the temples are decorated with ornaments and hieroglyphs. Borders of flowers and leaves of lotus on the ceiling and other motives are decorating the rooms. You can feel the power and superiority. Paints are bright, but with a limited range of colors, which are never mixed. The walls are of neutral colors: light yellow, warm shades of beige. The walls of ancient Egyptian temples are decorated with ornaments and hieroglyphs, but for homes is more typical a laconic border under the ceiling of leaves and flowers of lotus, papyrus, reeds, palm trees, arrows of sun lights.