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The very definition of "colonial" is derived from the Latin word "colonus" - the Roman settlers, tenants of land. Colonial style was born in the époque of discovery and conquest of new territories, when Europe was expanding to the new territories. When creating a colonial interiors you should use natural materials - wood, clay, bronze, leather and ceramics. Colours are also natural: olive, gold, terracotta, aged wood color, beige. Furniture usually has a simple form. Basically it's hand made from wood or bamboo, rattan, cane with soft cushions of natural unbleached linen with a pattern or without (floral motifs) The floor is covered with carpets, woven from plant fibers (eg, mat). Chests, leather and wicker suitcases lost their "transport" functions and now give additional decor. Nowadays we are actively trying to reconcile sometimes conflicting things, as a result we come to very original solutions. Why not? Go ahead!