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Gothic style originated in France in the period from 1240 to 1510. The Gothic style can be easily identified by its high vaulted ceilings in the form of stars, the stone floors with a checkerboard pattern and windows with lancet arch. Stained glass windows with floral motifs are characteristic features of the time. Walls are decorated with wood panels. The stone walls are painted with water colors. By the middle of the 14th century walls were decorated with cloth and velvet, which created a cozy and warm atmosphere of the interior. A special element of Gothic decor rooms is the fireplace. Its high dome that reaches the ceiling is richly decorated. Colours of the Middle Ages are sad, dark and cold: the gray rocky walls, drowsy beige woods, red, crimson and dark green. All this creates mystery and a psychological tension. Nowadays the fragments of this style are harmoniously used: polyurethane beams on the ceiling, fireplaces and so on.